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Q water   has the  spray nozzle  water products and solutions you are looking for when you need the very best performance from your precious water resource.

If your business is involved in mining, manufacturing, processing, agricultural, or the fishing industry then you are probably already using spray nozzles in a variety of applications.

Q water  can design you a new spraying system or assist with improvements to your existing system to maximize performance and save water.

Q water  supplies world quality  spray nozzles  manufactured Over Seas under strict quality guidelines to meet the fine tolerances of their engineered design.

Each spray nozzle is specially designed to have a specific spray pattern and flow rate that can be used across a broad range of applications which may include:

  • Dust suppression
  • Pollution & Emission control
  • Conveyor & screen wetting
  • Conveyor & screen cleaning
  • Evaporation - aeration or cooling
  • Fire protection - deluge or water curtain
  • Air atomizing - air & water fogging
  • Fume scrubbing - gases
  • Tank cleaning
  • Filter washing

The benefits you receive from installing the correct spray nozzle   in the right application and position will save you water, time and reduce your carbon foot print on the environment.

With our centralised warehouse system and also weekly consolidated OS shipments for items a little special, we are able to quickly supply your order to meet those critical project demands.

Have a chat with a Q water  Sales Representative today or send your query to  to get your project on   'Q'.

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